Just share of vinegar in the washing machine! Here it is - the secret for which there is much to give ...

It's amazing how many useful qualities has the usual vinegar ! He polishes tiles, mirrors and glasses, cleans taps and faucets of lime, in tandem with soda effectively whitens the sink ...

But what happens if you add vinegar to the wash cycle of things? < «Website» has found 5 reasons that will convince you certainly pour vinegar in the washing machine

The wash out things
Vinegar has emollient properties This is especially important to wash things out of tight or too thick fabric Vinegar -. a great stain remover. Treat stains with sweat, fat, some fruit vinegar in advance, and then share an additional 50 ml of the compartment of the washing machine. Eliminate persistent, stubborn odors from clothing, such as the smell of sweat, can, bay in compartment rinse 100 ml of vinegar. Happy owners of baleen-striped using vinegar can neutralize the breathtaking smell emanating from the clothing after the "incident". Sometimes this alone can save the thing from the garbage bag If you periodically to drop in stores second-hand, probably know how difficult it is to get rid of peculiar smell these things ... Vinegar and help here: rinse their clothes after washing in normal mode. Vinegar helps get rid of rust spots on clothing. Prepare a paste of vinegar and salt and rub it into the stain. Leave for a few minutes, and then wash item as usual

Among other things, add vinegar in the wash is useful for most cars: mold will not start, and there will be no trace of limescale

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