Half of the people solve this problem correctly

Some people have a single day can not live without riddles and puzzles, because it's not just fun and interesting, but also does not give relax and continually trains the logic and thinking.

If you believe that the best and fastest you can solve any puzzle of any difficulty, try to solve this puzzle. While seemingly simple, it has got to a standstill more than a dozen people who consider themselves clever men!

think that it costs $ 1? And here and there! Think more. The correct answer here try to solve the puzzle once more, but this time, set the value of the ball as a variable x, a bit like x + 1. That is, get the equation: x + (x + 1) = $ 1, 10.

Solution X should give you a value of 0, 05, which means that the ball is worth $ 0 and 05. If the price of the bits on the dollar more, then it should cost $ 1, 05. is it possible? Try to add up: $ 1.05 + $ 0.05 = $ 1.10. the correct decision. Even more interesting are some comments on the puzzle. People often insist that the ball costs 10 cents. This, however, does not make sense, because if the ball cost 10 cents, the bit should be worth $ 1.10. In this case, the total amount will be $ 1, 20, and is greater than a predetermined value of $ 1.10.


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