~ Hard work and child-rearing

The mind of the child matures to 25 years, if it's a boy, and up to 20 years if the girl. Until that time, the child can not live on their own right, he need an environment that shapes their behavior.

And this environment created by his parents. If the parents are relaxed at home, they only want to enjoy and relax, where the child will be taken hard work?

From child will have this ability? From anyone. He will not be hard working. That's impossible.

And now you say, say & quot; "But we also do not have hard work that we do now then?" Dealing with those who have. That's what relationships. That's what friendship is. Friendship does not need to be that with friends in the bath to go.

Communication and friendship are needed for that would get something in life. And it must be something right. Something that will help us in life, not destroy it.

~ By lectures Torsunov OG


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