25 surest sign of a true cat owner

Do you have a cat? Yes, we believe that there is and that you love him very much, but if you are a true cat owner - that is the question! Who is the true cat owner and how people become so very quickly you will understand by reading a selection below. Many of the editors Website to learn it yourself, and you?


Huffpost.comKogda he sleeps, he almost does not move. And certainly never moves his toes. A true sneaker cat owner in the morning is always lying in the bed roll. And in different sides. In the morning, opening his eyes, he goes to the kitchen and there is a long time looking for the bowls to fill them. Even if the kitchen is not it, and of the animals it is only cockroaches. Dead mouse in a cat owner slipper causes tenderness. Rat - admiration. True ailurophile, came home from work in the evening, at first feeds the cats, and then eat itself. Each flower in the house cat owner has been dug up or swept away from the window sill at least 1 time. Getting acquainted with someone, ailurophile first find out whether a person loves cats. If it is not, ailurophile quickly loses interest in him, if not beginning to be hostile. This ailurophile always knows who he is more expensive - cat or spouse cat owner always buys food for the cat at first, but on the rest of the money-for themselves.. True ailurophile know, What is the taste of cat food. cat owner never puts the glass next to the keyboard. Cat owner sniffs each puddle of spilled liquid! Leaving the house, he will check if electrical appliances are switched off, the gas if the windows and doors tightly closed, and then say goodbye to each cat individually. True ailurophile visit comes with a gift not for the owner's child, and for the owner's cat. True ailurophile always walks with his hands scratched with a true cat owner can not talk about cats, otherwise you run the risk of listening to it for several days. Usually in the family speak to children: "After stroked the cat - wash your hands!". The family cat owner says, "Wash your hands before you pet a cat!" Ailurophile glass balcony is not for himself, but the cat did not fall. A particularly advanced construct a separate balcony cat. < True ailurophile never uses a heater, because he has a cat! The house cat owner 1 album photos human falls 2 albums cat. True ailurophile, leaving the house and leaving a child alone with a cat, anxious, as if the cat did not happen ... cat owner will never be upset if his birthday coincided with an exhibition of cats. This ailurophile everywhere and always draws in a cat faith willing and unwilling. Cat owner considers himself a happier dog lover - he does not need every day to walk three times! True ailurophile by reading the above-stated, will long wonder, what is humor, as in his opinion, everything is spelled correctly!

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