Real Stories

Adam. Age 15
In 12 years, when he was playing with friends, exploded gas and splashed down on him. The father immediately came to the rescue and put it in a water bath.

Alvaro. Age 21
In 2000 there was a big fire in Seaton Hall University. He was one of the students who were injured in it.

Brian. Age 26
At age 14, he was playing with friends pyrotechnics. Suddenly one fireworks flew in and set fire to his shirt. He was immediately taken to the hospital.

New Year's Eve 2005, he had an accident with your friends. The car burst into flames. When he was chosen out of a burning car, he hurt his hands and head.

Coming home after school, he began playing with matches in his room. Accidentally lit T-shirt. He ran for help on the street, but on the way down the stairs.


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