Apocalypse Or Fiction: 10 abandoned facilities of the Cold War

These photographs - like footage from the sci-fi movies. In their reality as it is not believed, and sometimes even becomes scary. But what could be more attractive than the mysterious desolation, where the ghosts of the past come to life?

The project Nikon «Abandoned Places" Franco-German photographer David de Rueda visited 9 European countries, including Russia, and showed paintings forgotten objects - relics of the Cold War. The names of the pictures -. Copyrights
1. "Forgotten Empire", Bulgaria
Picture taken inside a huge dilapidated building on top of Mount Buzludzha, once built for congresses and cultural actions of the Bulgarian Communist Party. De Rueda explained that examined it at night when the mountain shrouded fog to experience the "Close Encounters of the Third Kind." ( "Close Encounters of the Third Kind" - a sci-fi film of Spielberg's vision and unexplained UFO). Agree, really like the alien ship.

2. "Soul Nights»,
Iceland In the desert area on the southern coast of the country for over 40 years, it is a dilapidated fuselage Douglas DC-3. In November 1973, the US Navy freighter because of bad weather made an emergency landing on the glacier valleys, and was abandoned by the crew. Although the aircraft was seriously damaged, the command of the Navy decided not to spend money on its repair - still, this model is already considered obsolete. The picture was taken in the early hours on a background of aurora slightly illuminate windows. Later, when the frame processing David added color and brightness, creating the illusion of light inside.

3. "High Frequency", Moscow

Again, something akin to an alien spaceport, and in fact - High-research unit with generator-Arkadieva Marx, who in the late 1970s, built on the outskirts of Istria to check on the strength of insulation, protecting the aircraft against lightning. Local nicknamed her "Tesla Tower". Another such facility anywhere in the world: a high-voltage pulse produced by the generator operating at peak performance, exceeds the total capacity of all power plants in Russia, including nuclear! However, the pulse duration - all 100 microseconds. Today, the installation is protected by an entire pack of dogs, and to make this image, the author had long attributed to the watchman.

4. "Frozen Star»,
Italy Abandoned radar station in the Italian Alps. To find these giant antenna, the photographer and his assistants had almost 3 hours wading knee-deep in snow. But the result was worth it: the vast expanse of snow, the clear sky and full moon created an unforgettable atmosphere postapokaliptiki.

5. "Time Capsule", Hungary
"Graveyard Train" - the so-called abandoned locomotive depot in Ishtvantelek quarter in the north of Budapest. It is adjacent to the modern existing depot, so getting here, you feel like in a dream with an inverted, distorted reality.

6. "Nuclear trap" Chernobyl
Inside the tower - cooling tower unfinished at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant. In some cases, David added to frame female mannequin, emphasizing the loneliness of big places.

7. "mother ship" Estonia
Former cultural and sports complex in Tallinn, known in Russian as a Linnahall ( "City Hall"). Inside, everything is in darkness, daylight makes its way only through the narrow windows along the perimeter of the spherical room. A two-minute delay photographer created the illusion of light strip, so that everything was like a spaceship interiors.

8. "Eternal waiting" Pripyat
The receiving unit of the hospital - or rather, what's left of it. "The colors of the room, dead plants - the full feeling that time itself has stopped here," - says the author


9. "Dangerous routes", St. Petersburg
The huge former factory "Red Triangle" - one of the most interesting abandoned facilities of the Northern capital. His body built from the middle of the XIX century and the beginning of XX-th. Once it was a real industrial monster - is produced rubber overshoes and made to wear in Europe. And today, in renovated apartment building different companies, there are cafes, shops and workshops. But part of the hull and are in full zapustenii.

10. "Lost in Space" Kazakhstan
180 kilometers of off-road driving in the Kazakh steppe, and another 45 kilometers on foot through a secured restricted area - the only way to get to an abandoned hangar at Baikonur with two Soviet space shuttle "Buran". "This is probably the most epic picture that I've seen since I picked up a camera," - says the photographer


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