20 amazing shots, proves that the world is more interesting than it sounds

Once in our life firmly entered the Internet, we know almost everything and to surprise us is becoming increasingly difficult. Information about the latest technology becomes available at the press of a button, and gossip about the stars fly on the web like hot cakes. But there is in our lives something of what you can watch forever, happy reviewed twice and admire, for the first time or get excited when he saw the first time. We are talking about the stunning photographs, whose value does not diminish with time, and becomes a more significant.

Snail drinking from water droplets

Albino Peacock shows its feathers

Delivery of the world's first 5-megabyte hard drive from IBM, 1956

Restaurant Grotta Palazzese built in a cave, formed hundreds of years ago, Italy

The descent from the mountain of Machu Picchu, the height of which is 3150 meters

Road bridge in Florida, a length of almost 11 kilometers

From the top of the tallest building in the world - the tower Burj Khalifa, Dubai

Mirror lake water Uyuni

Incredible beauty drawing made with colored pencils

Glass trail of fear, height - 1430 m, China

Bay in the village of Novy Svet, Crimea

aircraft shadow is projected through a layer of fog, Logan Airport, Boston

Millennium oak, within which there is a chapel, France

Figure created with the help of straight lines

glass basin project between the two buildings in London, which will be built in 2017

Mount Everest view from the aircraft

fish sculptures made from plastic bottles at one of the beaches of Rio de Janeiro

Most of the roots of the trees, the construction of which lasted 26 years, Indonesia

The trail of death at an altitude of 2130 m, China

Moonlight Mountain

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