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Once in your prison cell penetrated a thin ray of light, and you are horrified to notice as there is dirty, musty and cramped. On the walls of the ugly stains, cobwebs in the corners, rubbish under the feet. You were shocked and firmly decided that an urgent need to change everything. And thoroughly.
And - you pasted the walls of your prison cell photo wallpapers, which depicted the vast expanses. Prairie, ocean, wilderness, snow-capped mountains, crystal clear rivers. On the ceiling - the sun, the sky, and even the space provided
. In the corner with time was equipped with a collection of memorable iconostasis higher insights, profound insights, wise foreign quotations, pictures of aura, chakras auroras, samadhi, satori, and even a scale to measure the level of raising the kundalini.
Now you can enthusiastically tell the prison telegraph its stunning freedom.
Impressive? Enjoy.

By the way, and the only window through which the bars of your prison, though sometimes rays could penetrate the living sunlight - is now also firmly glued over
. Once again you have deceived yourself.


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