20+ life situations that can be seen only in the market

Even some 20 years ago the markets were the central place for shopping. Now, with the advent of large shopping centers, the situation has changed little. But markets still remains a private army of fans. Just look at the amazing originality and the romance of this place!

Who says that sellers in the market are earning bad? B>

Having such clientele, money can pull shovel

This trader will sell anything

distinctive sense of humor. He found only here

Seller with experience to find a way out of any situation

Sometimes the markets becomes very dangerous

If you want to sell cabbage, you must think like cabbage

But there is one drawback of shopping at markets

In these places operate a genius marketing

The Scarlet Flower, sword Sith Inca chest ... all in the range of

In the markets work honest and decent people

As someone died artist

you can stumble upon a nice discount

And what there goods ... Solid Exclusive

And most importantly, that are responsible for the quality

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