GAZ 3106

He could become a competitor UAZ Patriot, become Russian Prado, but ... Look.

Were at GAZ plans to create a new SUV after all the famous GAZ 69, with his phenomenal durability and maneuverability. Were first experiments with the mutation gas and light trucks off-road chassis - machines were called "Chieftain", they looked a little weird, then there was a remake of the same GAZ 69 - but also not a fountain. And then came 3106 - we can say albternativa in peak UAZ 31622 "Simbir" machine has a more attractive price, good design in the second project. But as always happens, 3160 - fell victim to "looked at, and that's enough" - decided in the factory, the machine is not worth it .... and decided to release persons. Indian Mahindra Marshal - who can not sell so pop and they are gathering dust at dealers or stand as EXCLUSIVE.


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