10 habits of great men, in which genius and madness

It is known that practically all men of genius has its oddities, the origin of which is difficult to explain, even from a medical point of view. < Website has collected 10 world-renowned creative people with the most strange habits.

1. Stephen King hates adverbs American writer considers that this part of the speech was invented by weak-minded people. "The road to hell is paved with adverbs, and I will shout it to the whole world", - says in the notes King. About himself, he says, that the deposit of its own success - to avoid the use of adverbs

2.. Salvador Dali practiced "afternoon rest with the key" great painter Salvador Dali carefully tried to make his life as much as possible extravagant. Even simple Spanish habit to sleep after dinner, he remade on a surreal twist. Dali called it "an afternoon with a key vacation" or "second siesta." The artist sat in a chair, holding between his thumb and forefinger of his left hand a large brass key. Near the left leg was put inverted metal bowl. In this position should try to sleep. Once the goal has been achieved, the key fell out of his grip, heard the ringing, and Daly woke up.

3. Coaching hand Pushkin was walking with a heavy iron cane Alexander Pushkin loved during drinking lemonade, and yet he is extremely superstitious man, who believed in the prophecy that he would die at the hands of the blond, often went with a heavy iron cane, vesivshey some pounds. On walks, he brandished it and threw it in the air: "To a duel, since happens, the hand did not tremble»

. 4. Dickens combing up to 100 times a day

The English writer Charles Dickens was careful styling - he could not stand the hairs sticking out, so it is always kept on hand comb. Dickens could comb hair 100 times a day.

Another strange habit As for his manners to write. All mechanical work done for his assistants, he just walked around the room, pouring out a stream of consciousness aloud. Assistant working on the clock in one sentence, replacing the words as synonyms or changing the meaning of the statements by the will of the writer.

5. Beethoven before work poured cold water outstanding composer Ludwig van Beethoven was often unshaven, because I thought that shaving prevents creative inspiration. But before you start writing music, the composer poured it on his head a bucket of cold water. This, in his opinion, was to stimulate the brain.

6. Einstein did not wear socks The great scientist Albert Einstein never wore socks. He said he does not see the need socks. Besides them instantly formed hole. At official events Einstein wore high boots, to the lack of a toilet parts are not conspicuous.

7. Agatha Christie penned novels out writer Agatha Christie created 66 detective novels and 14 collections of short stories, not spent behind a desk for a minute. In fact, she just did not have a specific office and room for creativity. She penned her novels by chance, regardless of the situation - in a subway car or bedroom

8.. Balzac drank more than 20 cups of coffee a day, consider yourself kofeinozavisimym? Your passion is nothing compared with the habit of the French writer consume more than 20 cups of coffee a day.
In the article "The pleasure and pain of coffee," published in a French magazine in the 1830s, the French writer Honoré de Balzac likened drink with poetic prose. "The coffee falls into your stomach and immediately causes the creative impulse», -

9 he wrote.. Capote wrote his works in horizontal position

Writer Truman Capote called himself a "horizontal writer." For productive work it was needed three things: a sofa, a coffee and a cigarette. However, in the afternoon coffee can be replaced by a glass of brandy or whiskey. Strictly in the supine position Capote wrote in pencil on paper he did not recognize typewriters

10.. Hugo loved to work naked French classic Victor Hugo wrote most of his immortal works in the nude: commanded his servants to take all your clothes to avoid any temptation to go out and get away from work. Voluntary Finally stopped only after writing a certain number of pages

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