15 interesting findings for the kitchen to 500 rubles

What is now contraption did not come up to make cooking easier and faster. And besides, that these inventions are useful, they are pleasing to the eye and help to get a true pleasure to work in the kitchen.

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bakeware Belgian waffles b1ffa5df4f.jpg

Such a thing is useful to each owner.

Paper bags for tea 7db195845b.jpg

Useful thing for those who like to brew tea, but does not like floating tea leaves.

Spoon "Loch Ness monster" cdaf7a91dd.jpg

With a ladle and soup cooking is not terrible.

Double plate with a compartment for seed 611d7aadc8.jpg

< br> For those who like to eat on the couch watching TV.

Bowl for washing cereals af2141e90c.jpg

< br> No grain will not fall into the sink.

Lunchbox for lunch c56b7da964.jpg

The convenient thing that you can carry on working.

Pouch for cooking potatoes in the microwave oven 062a0e71da.jpg

< br>
Easy to properly clean and will become an indispensable thing in cooking.

form 160 small pieces of ice adfffd3649.jpg

Perfect for small utensils.

Handy Kitchen Gadget 65a0078a10.jpg

You can cut vegetables and used as a tack for food.

Form for cutting cakes for the cake 105ee0a45a.jpg

And all perfectly aligned.

Jars for storage 79c7c84d20.jpg

Now, tea, coffee and sugar to her beautiful home.

Knife potholder cake d0e81c000b.jpg

And cut, and put in a bowl. Conveniently.

Form eggs 8485aeacdd.jpg

Sunny weather on a plate.

Twister for vegetables and fruits dbc239f43f.jpg

Turns vegetables in spaghetti or spiral.

Ice Cream Form aee256b407.jpg

Excellent find for lovers of cold dessert.

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