Artifacts and secret.

Periodically leaking to the press information about the mysterious artifact retrieved from the depths on different continents, time and again raised the question: so what, after all, years, humanity? Or in another way: how many civilizations preceded on this planet today?

Kamchatka. In the vicinity of the village of Tigil (a neighborhood considered a distance of 230km), archaeologists from the University of St. Petersburg found the fossils are very strange. Currently, the authenticity of the findings have already been certified.
This is a mechanical device, which is determined by the age of 400 million years! It is made of metal and composed of hundreds of gears and cylinders, such as our mechanical hours.

In 05.06.1852 year amid a pile of stones, which was formed after the blasting, workers found a metal vase, break in half. The work was done in the quarry at Mount Meeting House in Dorchester. The breed has undergone an explosion is determined by age about 600 million years!
Tall of construction of the vase resembles an alloy of zinc and silver. The vase is made with great skill. It is six figures as a bouquet (or flower), and on the bottom of the vase is a garland.

This ellipsoid from the South African mines Uanderstoun. These are sometimes found in the rock, whose age is estimated at 3 billion years. Banding around the circumference of the three grooves. One of these balls was once delivered to the British History Museum. Once placed on the stand under glass spontaneously began to rotate around its axis, making a complete revolution in 128 days.
So yet, who are we? Location? Which of the account? How long do we have left?


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