17 photos in which famous people fooled, just like children

Many of us are not accustomed to behave frivolously, or amused grimace. Meanwhile, carefree and childish behavior improves brain function and prolong life. Do not be afraid to play the baby from time to time. Yes, the image of the collected and respectable man sometimes is beneficial, but to maintain it constantly is not necessary to you or others.

< Website has collected unique photographs, which fooled even the most serious historical figures. Because everyone though sometimes you want to forget about their important mission and just be themselves.

Robin Williams dressed as a cheerleader 1980

Charlie Chaplin hang with friends, 1923

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone are dancing in Cannes 1990

Marilyn Monroe hamming, 1953

President Ford Pelé demonstrates his skills.

Sharon Stone and Ellen Barkin tease 19-year-old Leonardo DiCaprio at the Vanity Fair party in the framework of awarding the "Oscar" award, 1994

The Duke and Duchess of Windsor forgot about the English stiffness, kicked off her shoes and jumping like children, 1959

The Dalai Lama is what it is.

Audrey Hepburn.

English King George VI moves down from the hill, 1925

Ernest Hemingway foot bank launches into the sky, 1959

The Beatles and Muhammad Ali, 1964

Paul Verhoeven and Arnold Schwarzenegger during the filming of the movie "Total Recall" 1989

Meanwhile, Gerard Depardieu rolls John Travolta 1982

Che Guevara in a kindergarten in Shanghai, 1960

Nancy Reagan on the lap of Mr. T, the famous American actor.

Adriano Celentano on velosipedike, 1955

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