25 unique photos of National Geographic, previously unpublished

The well-known to the whole world National Geographic magazine has decided to present a gift to all of its own 125th anniversary and has published most luxurious archival footage. Pictures collected from the 20th century and reflect the different eras and the life of people in nih.Redaktsiya Website invites its readers together to enjoy high photo art!

View of St. Basil's Cathedral on Red Square through the window of magazina

Women enjoy the heated swimming pool, St. Petersburg, FL 1973 god

kitten is attacking his own reflection 1964 god

Performance belly dance for tourists in a Cairo nightclub 1972 year

Bisons their way through the snow storm in Yellowstone national park, November 1967 goda

young Kenyan woman is holding in her arms her home deer, Mombasa 1909 god

White male deer in forest Switzerland 1973 god

coffin shot US President John F. Kennedy in the dome of the Capitol, in November 1963 goda

wave Rock, formed by wind and rain in eastern Australia 1963 god

production of traffic lights in Louisiana, in December 1947 goda

young couple in love against the backdrop of the Arc de Triomphe, Paris, 1960 god

roaring waterfall on the mountain Auyan-Tepui, Venezuela 1963 god
Dancer in costume portraying evil, Mozambique 1964 god

Men inspect the moai, enormous stone statues on Easter island, in December 1922 goda

Loggers cut down on the background of nominal redwoods "Mark Twain "California 1892 god

employees remain in the Irish Guards stand at attention when one of the guards unconscious, London, 1966 god

girls standing in water and holding bouquets of yellow lotus, Iowa 1938 god

Boys catch the apples, West Virginia 1939 god

If the representatives of different species grow together, they will not feel hostility to each other, but on the contrary, friendly. 1964 god

Boys in school uniform posing with king penguins at London Zoo, 1953 god

sled dogs tied to a unique pole of the rib whale howling at the midnight sun, Alaska 1969 god

sailor doing a tattoo on his arm, Virdzhiniya

Seller goldfish, Beirut 1983 god

man inspects the teeth of 10-month-old puppy Alaskan malamute, the South pole 1957 god
< br> A man collects Opuntia to feed livestock during drought Tehase

kitten on Victoria leaves (aquatic plants that have large leaves and large flowers), Philippines 1935 god

child sits astride Hereford bull, CA 1926 god

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