20 Umberto Eco remarks that will stay with us forever

Umberto Eco used to say that a writer - it is his part-time job. "I am a philosopher. The stories I write only on the weekends, "- confessed to Eco. Nevertheless, his novels became a real event and now finally moving into the category of classics.

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Talking about anything, you do it real. When you settle for following the rules, escapes any sharpness, every inspiration. Everything is always born not under its star, and the only way to live like human beings - is to adjust your daily horoscope. < Good and evil ... what is good for some - evil for others. But in fairy tales, too, the difference between a fairy and a witch - it's a matter of age and appearance ... Everyone complains about his circumstances.. Who that is, one out and complains. < Nothing encourages a coward, cowardice another person. What a mockery, to live in exile, where no one will not drive. There is no greater injustice than the punishment of the righteous, for the last sinner, friends, forgive Recently grehodeyanie and righteous to forgive and not the first. Experience shows that a man nothing pitying, has no desire to get better. < Nothing creates as many interpretations as nonsense. Alien stupidity never reduce your. People do not like those who are lying on the little things, and worship poets, who lie only in the most important. Being educated does not mean to be smart. No. But today all want to be heard and in some cases will inevitably expose the nonsense parading. So we can say, before the stupidity did not advertise itself, and in our time it is in revolt. < Keep in mind that very often the law is something we owed, and we do not receive, because not asked. The nature is not linear, nature is indifferent time. Time - the invention of the West. Inventing new worlds ultimately leads to a change in our. People are very quickly getting tired of simple things. < Be humble and cautious until until the time comes to open his mouth. But opening it, speak with confidence and pride. Sometimes it is enough to say a few meaningless words, to go down in history. < I figured it out tonight: it is necessary that the author died, in order that the reader discovered the truth

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