Soviet things through the eyes of the Italian designer Umberto Giraudo

Foreigners see the things that surround us, not as we do. This applies to virtually everything and even the things from the past, the attitude which said in an interview, a native of Italy, a specialist in industrial design, as well as teacher of the British Higher School of Design Umberto Giraudo. This young man works in Russia for four years and admits that sometimes he had no memory in love with Russia, and sometimes he just hates it. Because he is a designer, interviewers asked him to comment on the old Soviet things in terms of "beauty", which in those years, when these things were in favor, no one thought about it. The new foreign and enthusiastic view of the shopping bag, "Zaporozhets", school uniforms, and 11 more items from Umberto Giraudo, who, by the way, tells us to go to Japan, as it is a completely different world than the one we see in Europe and Russia . "And our and your ...»



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