12 realities of life that we used to ignore

Romanian painter Horia Crisan (Horia Crisan) and Petri Bogdan (Bogdan Petry) for 30 years created satirical illustrations that reflect the realities of life, which is not to say. The main purpose of their work - to draw people's attention to the problems that we carefully avoided, and which are used to take for granted that

Website has selected for you some of the most apt of illustrations, in which artists. dispassionately to impose sentences of our reality.

Future soldier

War Two prisoners

True love

< br> opening ceremony life

Treatment stupidity

So the last shall be first and the first - the latest


«Victory" revolutionary
< br> Grand master

doctor or veterinarian? Both!

truth about this Fall

15 sarcastic illustration of

modern world The sad truth of the modern world in graphics Steve Cutts

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