20 tips in difficult times by George Bernard Shaw

English playwright Bernard Shaw so many times denied the publishers that any other would throw all attempts. But he stubbornly went to the goal, and eventually became an outstanding writer.

< Website gathered quotes inspirational man that kept the optimism and love for life, just knowing that after the failure always came the hard times.

< You see things and you ask: "Why?" I dream things that never were and say 'Why not? ยป I have long realized that it is not necessary to deal with the pigs . You can get dirty, and besides, to please them. The longer I live, the more inclined to think that in the solar system, the Earth acts as a madhouse. If ever, chasing happiness, you will find it, you're like an old woman, was looking for his glasses, find that it was all the time on your nose. Good advice resemble castor oil: they are much easier to give than to receive. Achieve what you want, or have to be content with what you have. < A person suffering from a toothache thinks everyone happy who do not hurt your teeth. The poor man makes the same mistake regarding the rich. The people who succeed in this world, not lazy and look for the circumstances they need. And if you do not find, then create them. We humbly bow to the facts, but proudly lift it in the face of others' opinions. The secret of our misfortune that we have time to reflect, we are happy or not. You do not learn to skate, if you're afraid to be funny. Ice slippery life. < Never too late to get away from the crowd. Follow your dream, move to your goal. Life does not teach if there is no desire to grow wiser. I come into a rage at the thought of how much I had just learned, if not go to school. For every minute you are angry, lost 60 seconds of happiness. You will never have to write a good book without writing before a few bad. < A man like a brick: scalding - harden The people are tired of all the world, and especially fast on what they like best.. The greatest sin against one's neighbor - is not hate, but indifference; Here is a true top of inhumanity. Life, happy or unhappy, successful or unsuccessful, is still very interesting.

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