~ ✿RETSEPT natural cosmetics OWN HANDS ✿ ~ Ginger MASSAGE OIL.


-4 Ounces of sesame oil (about 116 g)
-30 Drops of essential oil of sandalwood
-20 Drops of essential oil of ginger
-10 Drops of essential oil of black pepper
-10 Drops of essential oil of chamomile

Sesame oil is very slightly warmed in a water bath, just add all the essential oils, mix and place in a glass jar with a lid. Fragrant mixture of anti-stress massage is ready! Can be stored at room temperature.
This natural blend improves circulation and relieves tension and anxiety.
In this massage mixture contains essential oils, which can cause individual intolerance. Holders sensitive skin should be pre-tested oil. If irritation, wash immediately with butter and discontinue use.


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