26 Fairy photos about how to meet the New Year in different countries

Now, when the world celebrated New, 2016, you can sum up - who made it bigger, brighter, and who modestly but sincerely. The most vivid pictures of New Year celebrations around the world - in our collection.

Moscow, Russia.

Madeira, Portugal.

San Francisco, USA.

London, United Kingdom.


Lahore, Pakistan.

Paris, France.

New York, USA.

Vilnius, Lithuania.

Athens, Greece.

Berlin, Germany.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

Bangkok, Thailand.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Hong Kong, China.

Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Zurich, Switzerland.

Vienna, Austria.

Tokyo, Japan.

Helsinki, Finland.

Beijing, China.

Rotterdam, Netherlands.

Giza, Egypt.

Beirut, Lebanon.

Donetsk, Ukraine.

Odessa, Ukraine.


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