Scientists have figured out how dolphins see a man!

By echolocation signals of dolphins, scientists were able to figure out how these marine mammals "see" a person in the water. Sonar signals recorded underwater microphones, have been converted to images. The site tells podrobnosti.Issledovanie held at the dolphinarium in Puerto Aventuras (Mexico). Diver Jim McDonough put on weight belt and actively exhaled air. It was decided not to use scuba gear, as the bubbles from it would affect the outcome of the experiment. The signals (recorded on the microphone echo signals from the dolphin, directed towards McDonough) were transferred to a specialist in acoustic physics, the creator of the device sound visualization CymaScope.

basic principle of the unit - convert sound vibrations into fluctuations in water First, the scientists loaded the sequence of ultrasonic echolocation signals Dolphin CymaScope, put the camera in video mode of reproduction. On the surface of the water, they saw some strange form. Then they lost back video frame by frame, and after a while saw a vague silhouette of a man Computer image processing has brought new parts (in particular, the researchers were able to see the weight belt McDonough).

Thus, echolocation allows dolphins "see" not only the shadows of objects, but the outlines of the surface. "We think that dolphins can use audio-visual language - the language of images, which they share with each other (image encoding echolocation signals) - said study author Jack Kassevits.



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