25 photos without Photoshop, for which we thank the author says

To be able to seize the right moment, or see what others do not see - that is, perhaps, the secret of a successful photograph. Sometimes an event lasts for a split second, but to fix it, you need even less time. Photos without Photoshop - it is always fleeting combination of the right moment, the author's views and unexpected perspective.

Website is 25 frames, in which the authors of the photos at the right time in the right place.

When bought the elephant and read the instructions for use h3>

The image of the galaxy h3>

At the junction of the Worlds, New York, USA h3>

Astronaut ISS shows how to take pictures of legs on the beach h3>

Oh, and then will fly someone! h3>

Park for the perfectionist, Schonbrunn, Austria h3>

The traffic in Beijing h3>

When undecided ... h3>

Day Amitabha Buddha, Vietnam h3>

Holiday UK Royal Navy h3>

The setting sun in the mountains h3>

The shadow of Mount Fuji length of 24 km, Japan h3>

Here's what you get when you pour hot water in the Antarctic h3>

Temple under the ash after a volcanic eruption ontake, Japan h3>

The morning after the frost h3>

Game of Shadows. Camels - this white bars on the sand h3>

Soaring Eagle over water in Canada h3>

The celebration of the 100th anniversary of the birth of the founder of North Korea h3>

Highway in the Netherlands h3>

Man. Flashlight. Ice. Beauty. H3>

The illusion of a huge wave h3>

Sleep h3>

Just cancer in the bucket, but it seems that it captures the world h3>

Cherry under water h3>

briefly about women's mood h3>

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