10 things we did not know about Sylvester Stallone

Editorial We are very fond of Sylvester Stallone for his star role of the brave boys. His name is associated with the "golden era" of militants, and who have not seen "Rocky"? It seems that these people simply do not! < Website publishes a selection of interesting facts about Sylvester Stallone.

The difficult birth of h2> Stallone was born in New York on July 6, 1946. Grasping that doctors used to help the baby to be born, accidentally damaged a nerve, leaving part of his face paralyzed. It is because of this, is Stallone's face and slurred speech, which was ideal for the role of a fighter-loser, who was trying to succeed in Philadelphia.

His mother was a wrestler h2> There is some irony in the fact that Stallone has helped create a series of cult movies about boxing. His mother, Jackie Stallone was a female wrestler and promoter in the industry. The actor was to take one example when preparing for his starring role.

He worked in a beauty salon h2> As a teenager, our hero had problems at school, so much so serious that his mother found him a job in the family beauty salon. On his first day at the salon Stallone accidentally dyed hair client in green color, but it eventually ended well.

The fight against bullying h2> Stallone often told what he had to endure abuse in childhood and adolescence. But in the end he was able to resist oppressors, and was so much encouraged by this victory that he began to mock others. It was not until as long as, in the words of Stallone, "someone did not come bigger and beat me».

He suffers from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity h2> Stallone does not hide the fact that he suffers from attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity. He and his mother have discussed this in many interviews, talking about a child actor. Jackie Stallone was once believed that "her son to hold the rest of life in prison" because of their behavior. According to her, in his youth he was jumping from the roofs of buildings. Stallone's mother also told that her son was expelled from the "seventeen high schools»!

He almost missed the role of Rocky h2> Decades after the first release of "Rocky" to the big screen, it is difficult even to imagine that someone else could have played the role of the main character. However, before you hire for this role Stallone, studio considered the candidacy of Robert Redford and Burt Reynolds. However, Stallone insisted on a role created just for him. Given that the script of the film belonged authorship Stallone himself, he managed in the end to insist on his.

It is free to bear arms against h2> Stallone - the most ardent opponent of the free bearing of arms, working in Hollywood today. He even said in an interview that the United States is experiencing a time of "dark age" because of the policies concerning the free possession of weapons, active across the country.

His condition h2> Stallone not only a great actor, he has also proved himself as a talented and gifted writer. Also, apparently, he has the talent to manage money. Over the years, he has achieved such success that, according to various sources of his fortune is estimated at $ 400 million.

He threw Twitter? h2> Stallone once wrote on Twitter, that Bruce Willis (Bruce Willis) «greedy and lazy." When the actor understood what made a mistake, he stopped to use social networks. Stallone said this: "I think George Clooney has described such cases the most successful: you have to be an idiot to frolic tweet drunk, and in the morning to wake up and realize that your career has come to an end. It is better not to take risks with it ».

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