Student found Sylvester Stallone on the fresco of the XVI century

museum visitor found the image of the world famous actor Sylvester Stallone at the beginning of the XVI century fresco. American student Anthony Zonfrell with his family arrived in Italy on vacation and visited the Apostolic Palace in the Vatican in order to see the "Raphael Rooms". There is the fresco "The Cardinal Virtues and Biblical" Anthony found an unusual resemblance to actor Sylvester Stallone face of Pope Gregory XI, writes The Daily Mail. "My cousin told me about it, after once visited here. So we decided to see this "- said Anthony. "As soon as we saw the mural, we realized it was him. We thought it was funny. It really looks like a portrait of Stallone. " Back home in Massachusetts, Anthony immediately posted the photo "portrait" Stallone's website Reddit. For a month she received more than 700,000 views users. Fresco "Cardinal Virtues and" was founded in 1511 by Raphael. However, there is a hypothesis that Raphael created a sketch, and on the wall mural recreated his assistant Lorenzo Lotto. See also: In Afghanistan, found the boy with a birthmark in the shape of the map of the country. Japanese Robinson Crusoe 20 years living on a desert island. A resident of Brazil raises his eyes from their sockets 95% 27-year-old girl with Rotate stops living a normal life. The oldest person in the world was 256 years old. 95-year-old Chinese woman, six days after the death got out of the coffin. The smallest man found in the Nepalese village. A resident of Britain is recognized as the fattest man in the world.



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