25 Years Later: The actors look like the legendary film "Home Alone"

It is now 25 years since the cult film "Home Alone." All these years, almost every home it looked on the eve of New Year holidays. This film has already grown several generations of children. It is likely that our children will be happy to look at the adventures of a little savvy prankster Kevin McCallister.

However, while no one was spared. Bright young heroes in real life had changed significantly. Naturally, this quarter of a century greatly affected the actors who played the beloved heroes of all of us. We suggest you take a look, how it changed over time favorite actors of our childhood.

Kevin McAllister - Macaulay Culkin

Harry Lime - Joe Pesci

Marvin Merchants - Daniel Stern

Keith McAllister - Catherine O'Hara

Peter McAllister - John Heard

Buzz McAllister - Devin Rattray

Megan McAllister - Hillary Wolf

Jeff McAllister - Michael Maron

Linney McAllister - Angela Goethals

Fuller McAllister - Kieran Culkin

Uncle Frank - Jerry Bemmen

Aunt Leslie - Terry Snell

Attendant - Brenda Fricker

"Home Alone 2: Lost in New York»

Cedric - Rob Schneider

Mrs. Stone - Dana Ivey

Mr Hector - Tim Curry

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