12 men who believe that most men in the world of work - being a dad

Wise Pope belong to fatherhood with all the attention and seriousness. For daily care - just to be with their children, to play, to feed, to be coddled and delve into their problems - is the source of vitality and love, which so everyone needs. This is the foundation for a warm and trusting relationship with the children for a lifetime.

Website publishes a selection of photos of the popes who believe that fatherhood - the most important thing in life.

They know how to bring beauty. h3>

Always ready to play hide and seek. h3>

Easily cope with their purchases. h3>

Believe in love at first sight. h3>

Remember that hugging is useful, and do it as often as possible. h3>

Pope any more comfortable pillows. h3>

They know that love is more important than the blood. h3>

They are very creative. h3>

Are able to relax after a hard day. h3>

Understand how arbitrary the distinction between work and play. h3>

In the morning, also do not want to leave. h3>

... and know how to appreciate the moment. Especially if it is a moment of rest. H3>

via www.instagram.com/daddydoinwork/


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