15 dogs who wanted to spit on your personal space

These guys are not shy about public opinion and are not afraid to seem indecent. They know what they want and always get their way! < Website publishing pictures shaggy insolent, which forced its owners to forget about comfort. But for true love anguish - it is not a hindrance.

I thought you bought this chair for me.

When the dog believes he is still a puppy.

The morning begins with you. Sorry.

Order butler serve tea.

- Excuse me, could you? ..

- No, I could not.

Find the answers to all dogs exciting question "Why do we need a cat?ยป

My favorite host is perfect from any angle.

Come on. Not so hard I.

Boss, we heard a strange noise and immediately ran! Help needed?

My best friend. Well, let him that she did not yet understand.

You count up, my friend, I loved her, and she!

I demand of 100 tonnes of food and personal helicopter! Otherwise ...

I am a light airy fluff and better take my word.

I will be with the owner, even in the most difficult moments of his life ...

And you did. Easy.

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