Make manicure at home is easy! Simple tricks unusual nail design.

To show off an unusual manicure optionally constantly visit salons. Bring beauty to your nails can be independently and without any effort. I wanted fresh ideas?

«website» shares with you little tricks beautiful nail design , which you will easily cope home
Simple home manicure to start erase the old varnish. Try to do it in the following interesting way. Just to start to moisten the sponge in acetone ...

With Scotch tape for nails you can experiment with the design.

Add brightness in your image!

As you can see, even the plastic wrap can be useful in creating a beautiful nail design.

And here's how you can use the old lace, in order to paint the nails.

Get gradient effect is possible with the help of polish and shine a normal sponge.

Want colorful stripes? Use a brush-fan.

For the French manicure necessarily be played with special strips - use a paper gum.

Gel pens, gel markers ideal for people who like to fantasize with manicure. Create unusual patterns with their hands!

These tips are indispensable especially for those who do not like to sit long for the same thing. A couple of small strokes - and girlfriend just want to imagine such beauty.

If you like it, then leave at the ideas on the page home manicure


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