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Eugene Lushpin is considered one of the best Russian artists of our time. Inspired by the most striking and mysterious time of year, it creates a pattern from which and breathes the fresh autumn air and romance.

For his work as the basis of Eugene takes the familiar cityscapes, giving them a certain irrationality. As a result, the viewer is immersed in a real, but at the same time the fantasy world that is about to be under the power of twilight.

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An Evening in Paris h3>

The road to heaven h3>

Canals of Venice h3>

The Prague Symphony h3>

Rainy evening h3>

Channel Life h3>

next winter h3>

Evening in Campobasso h3>

Waiting h3>

The roofs of St. Petersburg h3>

Serenity h3>

Lane h3>

Night Symphony h3>

The rain in the city h3>

Twilight in the city h3>

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