20 concise ideas for autumn manicure.

Surely every woman would like to have a day for one hour longer, because there is never enough time to go to a beauty salon for a haircut or a manicure. If you, too, lack of time to care for themselves, made for you a selection of 20 very original ideas for the fall manicure, which you can easily do yourself. Be sure to keep his favorite Share options and bring them to life!

1. Barely noticeable gradient

2. Matte black and sequins

3. Upside down jacket

4. Geometry

5. Stylish golden strip

6. The very soft

7.Nezhno and stylish

8. Red and Black

9. Bright geometry

10. Peas are always in fashion

11. Black-and-white classic

12. Another version of the black and white manicure

13. Stylish moon manicure in the most fashionable colors of the year

14. Noble gold and blue

15. A variation on the theme of his tunic

16. Funny zigzags

17. The embodiment of brevity

18. Striped

19. Very cool and at the same time simple

20. The ellipsis ...

And why spend money on beauty salons, if such beauty can be done at home. Be sure to take advantage of these for original ideas and share them with your friends!

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