Accident. 13 cars ...

June 12, at 18.30 was driving with his wife on a summer residence on the Kiev highway, have a beer, meat, anticipating a wonderful vacation. After Aprelevki stood in a traffic jam, barely moving, communicate ... corner view notice how at me from the oncoming rushes blue Ford, miraculously manages to steer, but it is clear that konrol on the machine is lost, was already skidding. Second to ensure that obernutsya- see behind the debris flew ... According to eyewitnesses Ford was in the left lane, driving was a woman behind him caught Lexus began migat- no reaction, or not noticed or has decided that will travel. Lexus walked her right and decided nakazat- clipped ... result- Ford taxied into a chipper (2 pictures), Lexus flew into the oncoming flow in the vehicle is stationary, has collected more than 10 pieces. Most of all went to the classics, which stood in the right ryadu- driver died immediately, probably did not even realize what happened ... Pillows Lexus and rescued the driver and his two passengers



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