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The forerunners of the Internet Fridays were actually masters of world art, in all ages who love to write naked female naturu.Bolshe just beautiful nudity gave us, of course, the Renaissance, when the master returned to the ancient canons of art and paid tribute to Greek civilization, celebrates the beauty of the naked women as and men. And in the wake of the Renaissance masters have gone all the artists all directions.
In the view of the modern viewer in the picturesque little nudity diversity: basically a beauty bulk varying degrees recline on beds and represent the ancient mythology or some social classes of the time in which the artist lived. Aside from the traditions of waste and a few: where else to lay a naked?
Site his memory and collected in the material nu masterpieces of world painters. Join our highly cultured Friday in the comments!

Amedeo ModilyaniModilyani is considered to be a singer of beauty nude female body. He is one of the first to depict the nude more realistic emotionally. It is this fact at the time led to the lightning-fast closing of his first solo exhibition in Paris. Modigliani's paintings, made in the nude, considered the pearl of its artistic heritage.

Le Grand nude 1919

Seated Nude, 1916

Peter Paul RubensRubens was a great portraitist, he painted landscapes and paintings on religious themes, founded the Baroque style, but the general public is best know for Rubens images of naked women and men, to put it mildly asthenic physique.

The Union of Earth and Water, 1618

The Three Graces, 1639

Egon ShileZhivopis and graphics by Egon Schiele - nervous, sophisticated, dramatic and very sexy. Under the strong influence of psychoanalysis, Sigmund Freud, Schiele in his work gave vent to his own complexes and doubts, and many of his works were sexually explicit. This was even the cause of imprisonment artist for "the creation of drawings immoral».

Nude lap

Reclining Woman 1917

Pierre-Auguste RenuarRenuar known primarily as a master of the secular portrait, not devoid of sentimentality; he was the first Impressionists gained success with the wealthy Parisians. Nude was one of the favorite genres Renoir.

Nude in sunlight 1876

For the first time shown in the second Impressionist exhibition in 1876, where she received a very harsh critics: "Teach Mr. Renoir that a woman's body - is not piling up the decaying flesh with green and purple spots, which indicate that the body already rotting at full speed!"

Large Bathers, 1887

And this picture is marked the transition from a pure impressionist Renoir toward classicism and engrizma. "Large Bathers" is made clearer lines, more than cool colors, and in the writing of this painting Renoir first used the sketches and drafts.

Francisco Goya "The Naked Maja", about 1800

Not everyone knows that the Mach - this is not the name, but the name for the Spanish folksy urban women 18-19 century.

Mach, whose image was formed in Andalusia, eventually came to be perceived as the quintessential Spaniard. Because romantic, picturesque, strong national accent and violent passions.

Eugene Delacroix, "Liberty Leading the People" 1830

Delacroix created a picture based on the July Revolution of 1830 put an end to the regime of the Restoration of the Bourbon monarchy. In a letter to his brother 12 October 1830 Delacroix wrote: "If I did not fight for their homeland, then at least I'll write to her».

Naked breasts in the picture is not just. It symbolizes the dedication of the French people at the time that a "bare breasts" were the enemy.

Edouard Manet's "Olympia" 1863

In the Paris Salon in 1865 the picture has caused one of the biggest scandals in the history of art. Contemporaries could not see the figures of volume depicts the picture composition and considered coarse and flat. Manet was accused of immorality and vulgarity. Picture hundreds of people who came to the show only to curse and spit on the picture of her. As a result, now outweighed the farthest room of the Salon to such a height that it was almost invisible. What kind of people were nervous in those days.

Gustav Klimt's "Danae" 1908

All details relating to the mythological story, removed from the picture, leaving only the stage of fertilization golden rain, which became Zeus. Selecting a pose and give a distorted perspective of the body of Danae extraordinary sexuality.
No other work of the artist not to bring women's sexuality to such hypertrophy - a desire of self-absorption.

Adolphe-William Bouguereau "Wave" 1896

Sandro Botticelli "The Birth of Venus» 1482-1486

Herbert James Draper "Water Nymph" 1898

Herbert James Draper "Odysseus and the Sirens' 1909

David Schr "Nude" 1908

Boris Kustodiev "Beauty" 1915

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