75 vivid memories that are sure to give your child


vivid memories of childhood stay with us for life. The first snowflake in the palm, the first bubble, the smell of the Christmas tree for the New Year - the priceless moments of knowing the world.

Now we can give these unforgettable moments of our children. Website recommends: Do it with your child, to memories of his childhood had been happy.

Let sunbeams. Watch as the seeds germinate. Together with high slip icy mountains. Bring in from the cold water and put in a branch. Cut jaw from orange peels. To look at the stars. Shades coins and leaves hidden under the paper. Shake a pencil to make it appear that he was flexible. Leaky icicles under running water. Prepare the caramel in the spoon. Cut garland of paper men. Show shadow theater. Let the pancakes on the water. Draw a cartoon in the fields of notebooks. To arrange a home in a box from the refrigerator. Weave wreaths. Making a volcanic eruption from citric acid and soda. Show focus on electrified paper figures. Write a blueprint. Make bryzgalki from bottles and arrange battle. Listen to the birds singing. Let the chips down the river, digging canals and dams do. Build a hut. Shake the tree branch, when the child is under it and arrange leaf (snow, rain). Watch the sunrise and sunset. Admire the moonlight. A look at clouds and think, what they look like. Make a weather vane and a trap for the wind. Glow in the dark flashlight. Do octopus dandelion and pupae from the hips. Go fishing. Leave the body prints in the snow. To feed birds. Do sekretiki. Build a house of furniture. Sitting around the campfire. Fry the bread on the twig. Launch a kite. Spin the child's hands. Build a sand castle. Buried in the sand. Dig a deep well to reach the water. Sitting in the dark, by candlelight. Make hell out of soapy hair. Blowing into an empty bottle. To repeat one word over and over again, that it has turned into another. To publish the winning cry Comanche. Marvel at his giant shadow and play catch-up with shadows. Go to the center of the puddles. Making milk recording. Arrange a storm in a teacup. Buried treasure in a plate of porridge. Explains signs. Make spouts from krylatok maple Order of thistles, earrings of cherries. Blow on the feather. Leave a blade of grass in an anthill, and then try to formic acid. There hare cabbage, suck resin, lick birch juice and maple syrup, chewing on a blade of grass. Squeeze molds cookies. Strung berries on a blade of grass. Play Cyclops. Singing in unison. Fix your favorite toy. Blow bubbles. Decorate the Christmas tree. Whistling through pod acacia. Make dollhouse. Climb a tree. Play in ghosts. Coming up with costumes and dress up. Talk about dreams. Knock in makeshift drum. Released into the sky balloon. To organize a children's holiday. See the world through colored glass. Drawing on the sweaty glass. Jump into piles of autumn leaves. Start dinner with dessert. Wear your clothes on the baby. Photos on the preview

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