The best quotes from the TV series "The Big Bang Theory"

first seeing "The Big Bang Theory", you will be sorry they did not know about this show before. Comedy saga of physicists superuspeshnyh in science, but losers in life, in the last 7 years of existence, has become a cult around the world and has dismantled a quote.
A dialogue on the part of writers and translators "Courage Bamboo" created a real masterpiece. Almost every episode - a storehouse of witty and biting phrases and words. Therefore, we in the Website could not resist and picked in this post the best quotes and dialogues of favorite series.

One line
Bugagashenka! (Sheldon) Oh gravity, you heartless bitch! (Sheldon) Stone - scissors - paper - lizard - Spock! A small misunderstanding? It's in the Galileo and the Pope had a little misunderstanding. (Sheldon) Do not annoy anyone who has access to your food! (Penny) How can you mess up ice cream, sprinkle with chocolate? (Rajesh) Oh! The world is not enough chamomile tea to calm the rage in my chest! (Sheldon) I'm not crazy. Mom I checked. (Sheldon) How can I be a gynecologist? I am a woman in the eyes of some can barely watch! (Rajesh) Sheldon, you're not sick! Well, yes, you're all sick, of course, but not physically. (Leonard)

One accident in the laboratory, and this guy would be a super-villain! (Leonard) Poor thing! I have a very wide range. I have 212 friends on MySpace. (Sheldon) This mind is not able to forget! I have not forgotten anything from that day, as the mother has ceased breast-feed me ... It was a rainy Tuesday ... (Sheldon) From the plumbing we "you". I do not want to brag, but almost the entire fifth grade, I had his head in the toilet. (Sheldon)

Do you know what a chicken with rice in vegetarian ?! Figure! (Rajesh) I do not know what it means to "succubus", but already there is a "branch" that nothing good can not be held. (Penny) The Jews no hell. We instead heartburn! (Howard) Yes, sometimes I just do not listen. Sometimes I just look like moving your jaw. (Penny) Raj, you're like a little, the Internet is no place for the truth. (Howard)

Dialogues Leonard Our children are smart and beautiful ...
Sheldon The main thing is false.

Sheldon Sorry, I'm late.
Leonard What happened?
Sheldon Nothing, I just do not want to come.

Penny Is it possible to postpone the phone and talk like normal people?
Sheldon You can. But thanks to Steve Jobs is not necessary.

Raj It is racism? It looks like racism.
Howard Do not exaggerate, he thinks you illiterate, not your race.
Raj A-ah! Well then, come on!

Sheldon For your information, I drink hot chocolate only in those months in which there is the letter "p».
Howard Why is that?
Sheldon Well, without the vagaries of life - it is not life.

Sheldon Who can I contact about a permanent backup of the table?
Penny Well, I do not know, maybe a psychiatrist?

Sheldon I can not believe he fired me!
Leonard Well, you called him "the celebrated teacher of natural sciences high school, the last of which was a successful experiment farts on lighter».
Sheldon Yes, but before that, I added, "With all due respect to you».

Penny I am a Sagittarius. And it speaks more than you need to know.
Sheldon Yes, says that you share a common public misconception that the apparent position of the Sun at the time of your birth in relation to an arbitrarily designated constellation somehow affects your personality.

Penny I did not know you played the cello.
Leonard Yes, my parents probably thought that to call me Leonard and transfer me to a class for gifted children will not be enough to beat me at school.

Penny Well, actually it's fun sweater. There it is printed bold geometric pattern.
Sheldon And what makes it fun geometry?

Penny What would you recommend as a gift 13 year old boy?
Stewart Eeemm ... 13-year-old girl.

Penny Sheldon, you can not.
Sheldon I would say that is unlikely.

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