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Among the hundreds of thousands of jobs that appear daily on the websites of the design, not so much those who deserve special attention. Cool design - it's not just an unusual idea, but it is not less extraordinary incarnation. And, of course, any thing created by man for man, and therefore should be part of his life, like a missing puzzle.

Website has selected for you the best works of designers who are new or have become known in the last month.

Glass with vershinoy

The team of glass blowers from Oregon decided to perpetuate the local landmark and a landmark - the peak of Mount Hood (Mt. Hood) height of 3450 meters.

The unconventional holodilnik

Italian carmaker Fiat and manufacturer of home appliances Smeg refrigerator placed under the hood of the legendary Fiat 500. It has 100 liters of usable volume, four variants of color (white, blue, green, red) and real working lights.

Beehive, which itself collects med

The invention Australian beekeepers Stewart and Cheddar Andersens allows you to extract honey from the hives without having to disturb their inhabitants. Bees work with partially filled cell. After they fill them with honey and sealed with wax, the beekeeper can open a hive from the other end, allowing the honey to flow, thus not causing any concern insects. When it spilled honey bees simply re-open the cell and begin to re-fill them.

Rainbow stol

Magic table-prism invented designer John Foster. Construction refracts sunlight, making the space around is filled with iridescent reflections and sunbeams.

Futuristic rakovina

Sink for true connoisseurs of water. With light it looks even cooler.

Painted mebel

Furniture on canvas was invented in the Japanese studio YOU. It really is possible to sit.

Portable solar oven batareyah

The stove powered by solar energy, is able to cook a hot dog for 10 minutes, the eggs for 20 minutes and a couple of steaks in one hour. Perfect solution for a picnic.

Brush - Tail kita

Brush for windows and other surfaces in the form of a whale tail looks very nice and natural. I came up with its designer Avihai.

Glowing headphones

Headphones The Glow Laser glow in the dark, catching the rhythm of the composition, being played in the player, and can also measure the heart rate. A very useful thing for lovers of evening and night racing - with these headphones you will become more visible to drivers and cyclists.

Moulds for storage yaits

Form as a form, at a glance. But it turns already cooked eggs in golf balls and soccer. Edible.

Cooling tubus

It is outside the window and cold winter. But come summer, and everyone will want to cool beverages. Designers have come up with a stylish and convenient tube, which can be cooled cans of beer or a bottle of champagne. The convenient thing for picnics and hikes.

Plate for those who can not part with telefonom

Even during the meal.

Plate for the future didzheya

Design agency Fred & Friends invented the plate for future DJs who now and strive to stand or sit behind the decks. Any of it two times more fun.

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