Cool design of a month

Among the hundreds of thousands of jobs that appear daily on the websites of the design, not so much those who deserve special attention. Cool design - it's not just an unusual idea, but it is not less extraordinary incarnation. And, of course, any thing created by man for man, and therefore should be part of his life, like a missing puzzle.

Website has selected for you the best works of designers who are new or have become known in the last month.

Glass with vershinoy

The team of glass blowers from Oregon decided to perpetuate the local landmark and a landmark - the peak of Mount Hood (Mt. Hood) height of 3450 meters.

The unconventional holodilnik

Italian carmaker Fiat and manufacturer of home appliances Smeg refrigerator placed under the hood of the legendary Fiat 500. It has 100 liters of usable volume, four variants of color (white, blue, green, red) and real working lights.

Beehive, which itself collects med


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