17 differences from Asia, Europe

The artist Yang Liu lived in China for 14 years and then moved to Germany. The result was a series of works that may be useful to plump directories. In the blue box - the behavior of Western man in red - the inhabitants of the East in the same situations.

Freedom samovyrazheniyadb2a55404b.jpg

Behaviour in ocheredi914e11e5ce.jpg

The noise level in the cafe and restoranahc0b1413dae.jpg

Behaviour in puteshestvii3846767492.jpg

Preferences napitkaha5eca7bbb4.jpg

Behaviour at vecherinkece93f33b2a.jpg

Relations with rukovoditelem6c4482e114.jpg

Own ego0c165f67d6.jpg

Popularity species transporta1fbe206d72.jpg

Popular blyudaef54a6605d.jpg

The approach to solving problem2eab3d0e94.jpg

Drinking starshim704320c918.jpg

The position of the child in semee742c976db.jpg

Drinking pogode90241af190.jpg

Social kommunikatsii297c2df37c.jpg

Thrice pitanie2158a7aa4d.jpg


P.S. The comments on this article - great about Russia.

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