10 films that unfairly failed at the box office

As part of the film, which made huge bets, spent huge amounts of money and who seem, can not collect cash suddenly fail when exiting rental.

Website has selected 10 films to which fame came with some delay. You've seen them in the movies?

Scott Pilgrim vs. vsehScott Pilgrim vs the World, 2010

In the story, the hero of the comic book Scott Pilgrim wants to meet with the girl of his dreams, but first he must defeat her seven ex. The film's director Edgar Wright understood the phrase "film adaptation of the comic book" too literally, but it found the ideal shape. The trouble was over the original style, to which the audience was not ready. And only now beginning to discover this film.

HraniteliWatchmen 2009

Another experiment with comics - Zack Snyder tried to check how human behave rescuers to find that they are, in fact, ordinary people. Keepers Of these, only one has the supernormal, and the rest is used cleverly improvised devices. Well, as to experiment with a wider audience - a thankless task, a special film did not bring profits. But in the archives remained wonderful films, which can sometimes shake off the dust and having fun playing.

EvroturEuroTrip 2004

Kind of like a youth comedy with jokes on the verge of foul remarkable that fulfills the stereotypes about the life of the various European countries. American teenagers travel to Europe and adheres to various absurd situations is due to the fact that their heads full of clichés varying degrees of delirium.

Mission: SerenitiSerenity 2005

The film, shot at the urging of fans of the series "Firefly", failed at the box office is just as epic as the series itself. However, loyal fans kosmoopery, stylized western, still hope that someday the series will return to the screen with the new season and will be charged another full-length film about the adventures of space traders.

EkvilibriumEquilibrium 2002

On Earth, there are no more wars - everywhere reigns order and dullness. To maintain a peaceful state of humanity, it decided to cancel all the senses. People take pills themselves and live like robots. But did this world less cruel? No, just the brutality no one else touches. The reasons for the failure of this film are still a mystery to many PR. Only long after a serious failure at the box office tape began to conquer their audience.

GrayndhausGrindhouse 2007

Several steep filmmakers, including Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez, worked on this painting. As a result - financial collapse, unable to fight off even the budget. But now the film consisting of two paintings and a trailer for a nonexistent film, highly regarded by critics and audiences.

AtlasCloud Cloud Atlas, 2012

Six stories that occurred in different epochs of the past and the future, are closely interwoven with each other, showing that each of our choice responds wave in centuries. Tykwer and the Wachowski not do bad, but for wide screens the film was too complicated and long. Creaked managed to cover costs and a profit turned out very badly.

GattakaGattaca 1997

There is a world where people - a product of genetic art. There are few opportunities for those who, for whatever reason, was born a simple man, whose appearance and capabilities are defined only by chance. However, it appears that not only the initial data determine your fate, and there is such a simple thing as perseverance, determination, faith in yourself. They are capable and weak man turn into Superman.

Thirteenth etazhThe Thirteenth Floor, 1999

"The Thirteenth Floor" was released simultaneously with the "Matrix" that determined his sad fate rolling. It also talking about virtual reality, but there is no luxury of special effects, the main characters here, and questions - about the meaning of life, about the infinity of the universe, that of the virtual image lies a very real feeling, thinking person. And the inability to distinguish between reality and illusion.

Mr. NiktoMr. Nobody, 2009

Unaffordable for a wide screen was also the film where every frame is beautiful and looks like a melody. Nemo - only a mortal man in the world of the immortal people - tells the story of his life, stumbling and confused, but one by one, giving ideas on which I want to think and think. Maybe that's why the picture longer fit for home, where you can click on pause and digest easily seen.

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