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about mystery and incomprehensibility of Japanese culture can talk for hours - it is so different from the European. Even today the most modern and technologically advanced country still continues to keep in touch with their roots and traditions. Maybe that's the secret of its prosperity?

Website gathered for their readers folk sayings that will help us at least one RI closer to understanding the Japanese soul.

If the problem can be solved, you should not worry about it; If you can not solve it, then it is useless to worry about. Thinking - Decide and daring - do not think. Do not hold the outgoing, do not turn came. Quickly - it is slowly but without interruption. It is better to be the enemy of the good person, other than the bad. No ordinary people is not great. Who is keen to go up, he will come up the stairs. The husband and wife should be like a hand and eyes when his hand hurt - his eyes are crying, and when the eyes cry - hand wipe tears. The sun does not know the rules. The sun knows no wrong. The sun shines without a goal for someone warm. The finder itself is like the sun. Sea because large and small rivers that does not shrink. And the long journey begins with a loved one. Who drinks, he does not know about the dangers of the wine; who does not drink, he does not know about its benefits. Even if the sword will need once in a lifetime, you should always wear it. Beautiful flowers do not bring good fruit. Woe is torn dress, you have to leave home. When there is love, the plague of smallpox as beautiful as the dimples on the cheeks. Nobody stumbles while lying in bed. One kind word can warm three winter months. Gives way to a fool and a madman. When you draw a branch, it is necessary to hear the breath of the wind. Seven double-check before to question the man. Do everything you can, and the rest of Leave it to fate. Excessive honesty borders on stupidity. The house where laughter comes happiness. The victory goes to the one who will suffer for half an hour more than his opponent. It happens that the sheet is sinking and floating stone. The smiling face of the boom is not allowed. Ice tea and cold rice tolerant, but cool look and a cold call - unbearable. In ten years - a miracle in the twenty - a genius, but after thirty - ordinary people. The woman wants - through the rock will pass. Ask - a shame for a moment, not know - a shame for a lifetime. The perfect vase never went out of the hands of bad masters. Do not be afraid of a little bend, straighten up straighter. Deep river flowing quietly. If you hit the road on their own, and it seems to be one thousand ri.

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