30 photos taken for a second before the inevitable

Not many manage to get shots, looking at that, you know: what will happen a second later, can not be avoided. And it does not have to be a professional photographer: the main thing - to catch the right moment.

We are in the Website value the ability to creatively perceive the world.

Let me see if you brush your teeth?

And opened wide the gates of hell ...

It was the best concert in her life

It does not get you to anybody, milk!

Change partner!

It has nothing to save

In the absence of antelopes and zebras have to settle for chicken

Risk man

A second before the avalanche of curses

Seconds before the snow battle

A second before death, two - before lunch

Hesitated to fidget!

One second after the horse has understood that in a sleigh - not Santa Claus and Snow Maiden

A second before ... even if he's all it was good

I tell you, Lyudka had put back, right now I would be outweighed!


A second before firing

Bird in the hand - it's great!

A second before a successful catch

Dog Jesus ?!

A little bit not reached

In girls on two triples in the quarter came

It turns out that the fly for a second before death dance

- Do not remove the pants on the field!

- The ball is in his hands to take in football is also impossible!

It's okay, guys, regular change of mare

Today, the pool allow everyone to jump!

It is unclear who was very frightened

Dad, catch plate!

Get your Whiskas. And take away the camera. Can not you see me training in acrobatics?

But remember, no matter what happens, let it be happily!

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