Stunned 25 photos taken at the right time

Few manage to get shots, looking at that, you know: what will happen a second later, can not be avoided. And it does not have to be a professional photographer: the main thing - to catch the right moment.

We are in the Website value the ability to creatively perceive the world and, therefore, periodically collect unusual photos, in which the viewing eye or broken or rounded off admiration, or climb on his forehead in surprise.

«target is detected." © Scott Linstead

Life. © Agoes Antara

Escape plan. © Geo Messmer

Instantly. © Gina Waga

The battle for the throne. © Matthew Studebaker

A little mud bath can not hurt. © Ross D. Franklin

Wrestling! review33

"I say to my mother - become an engineer." redbullillume

«Fire in the hole!» Fotodom

"Houston, we have a problem!". teh-song82

Cause flooding in the United States. © Ezra Shaw

"Something my back is combed.» © William Qin

"Work the left!» © Tri Nguyen

"Nothing in the street still rain." © Veselin Malinov

"Uiiiiii!» © Helios Van De Kamp

Another world. © Nadia Aly

"Where is my earring?» Smithsonianmag

"The regime Ronaldo!» © David Lazar

Favorite food. reddit

Tango bull. blog.joins

Getting great friendship. ela

Planking. my.hupu

"Ooops!» © Kimera Jam

Superman comes to the rescue! blogspot

Cock Kung Fu. © Anugrah Fajar

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