20 cool things that designers have come up with in 2015

Designers - wonderful people. Day and night they think about how to make our world more beautiful and more comfortable, and our lives brighter and more interesting.

To you appreciate their efforts appreciated, Website selected the most brilliant and bold design solutions from around the world that have emerged or become known this year.

The device, the maximum available showing the weather at zavtra

Ken Kawamoto (Ken Kawamoto) - software engineer who seeks to connect the digital and the real world. He invented a device clearly showing tomorrow's weather, and called it tempeskop (Tempescope). If there is a thunderstorm, then it shine real lightning if raining - there is rain. Miracles! It's a shame that the snow had not yet obtained.

Tea Set-illyuziya

The design team from Japan D-Bros worked well and showed the world a unique set of tea-things called "Waltz". The secret - in the mirrored surface of the cup, which reflects the pattern plate underneath. Mesmerizing.

Saddle for papy


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