20 cool things that designers have come up with in 2015

Designers - wonderful people. Day and night they think about how to make our world more beautiful and more comfortable, and our lives brighter and more interesting.

To you appreciate their efforts appreciated, Website selected the most brilliant and bold design solutions from around the world that have emerged or become known this year.

The device, the maximum available showing the weather at zavtra102852da4b.jpg


Ken Kawamoto (Ken Kawamoto) - software engineer who seeks to connect the digital and the real world. He invented a device clearly showing tomorrow's weather, and called it tempeskop (Tempescope). If there is a thunderstorm, then it shine real lightning if raining - there is rain. Miracles! It's a shame that the snow had not yet obtained.

Tea Set-illyuziya84ead9b743.jpg


The design team from Japan D-Bros worked well and showed the world a unique set of tea-things called "Waltz". The secret - in the mirrored surface of the cup, which reflects the pattern plate underneath. Mesmerizing.

Saddle for papy8907d3a566.jpg


SaddleBaby - best vehicle for kids who like to ride on the shoulders of the popes. And Dad can free your hands for a smartphone, camera or other gadgets - and everyone is happy.

Shoes with removable kablukami3f9d6efdb8.jpg


Now you can flick of the wrist to transform ballet flats in the evening high-heeled shoes. They made it easier to pick shoes to wear - Designer Tanya Heath shoes creates a heel and a variety of colors and shapes that can be combined. In addition, they are indispensable for the girls who drive: undid heels - and behind the wheel.

The crane, which saves water 14257c9865.jpg beautiful


The young designer from London Simin Qiu (Simin Qiu) has created a unique faucet that not only looks awesome but also saves water, turning water jet elegantly twisted spiral. The water flow is split into a stream, and at the exit, we see a complex and beautiful water grid. Turbine restricts the flow of water by 15%, so the crane saves resource consumption.

Minisad on the neck 43430025a2.jpg


The perfect ornament for the nature lovers by designer Colin Jordan. Tiny vases are printed on 3D-printer, and the flowers and succulents - live and grow in a nutrient mixture. They can be worn around the neck, put on the desk or mount on the handlebar of a bicycle.


This luxurious bath will confuse all the senses - whether you're in the water, or soar between nabom and earth. Spectacular thing came up from St. Petersburg designer Alexander Zhukovsky.

Portable ladders to climb any derevya74e79db698.jpg


Many adults feel sorry that the childhood and climb trees is not well. And sometimes she wants! With stairs CanopyStair can safely and with dignity to climb the most inaccessible tree and not worry about how to get off again. The ladder can be easily attached to any tree without damaging the bark.

Bookshelves with superheroes-saving books from padeniya25c34ec448.jpg


Soda overall impression that if it were not superheroes, the book would have collapsed. In fact, these brave rescuers held by magnets. They are attracted to the metal base, hidden in the very book.

Word clock a4c49ef8db.jpg


Developers promise that the word clock will make you stop and realize the time. Arrows and numbers do not give such an effect: they once again underline how fleeting time. Another thing is the word. To get a grasp: "At a quarter to eight." This is important, it is almost an event.

Coffee that you kisses ddbe7c7051.jpg

Kissing coffee cups invented designer Woo Young-Seok. "I love coffee and a kiss - he says. - I drink coffee every morning, but the kissing complex. Now you can do both and do both. "

Shoes, perfectly fitting nogu17c1efbc1e.jpg


Japanese designer Masaya Hisimoto figured out how to make shoes fit perfectly and follows every curve legs. Designer inspired by the traditional Japanese way of packaging furoshiki. Shoes without laces wrapped around the legs and fixed Velcro.

Nightlight Moon e7c0437443.jpg


Cosmic Light is beautiful and mysterious, and when lit, and off. In the evening, the light intensity is easy to regulate - it all depends on how much "crater" you have opened. The lamp, named in honor of astronaut Armstrong, come up with a team of Russian designers.

Invisible keyboard 88ac3ec9ad.jpg


The magic in its purest form. Blind, or air as its creators call, the keypad Noki - a pair of bracelets that read movement of your fingers. Very impressive, but what about those who have not yet mastered the printing blind?

Projector signals for velosipedistovb89a26a8f2.jpg

The original idea came up designer Azerbaijan Elnur Babayev. The projector allows Cyclee velisipedistam warn drivers about their maneuvers and be more visible in the dark. The projector is mounted behind the seats, and the signs light up automatically - depending on the movement of the bicycle.

The lamp of the old pnyaf142d6e0ab.jpg


Each of these lamps is unique - simply because it is the most real stumps from the forest, which is inserted into the cracks LEDs. Lighting can also be used as a seat or table.

Patterned skalki37eabd04a9.jpg


Simple and brilliant idea - rolling pins that allow you to make cookies with pictures. Last year, scattered all over the internet photo skalok children with cat and workshop Vatek inundated with requests to do something "adult". Guys tried and created a product here with such exquisite patterns. Cookies out - sight for sore eyes.

The rings, which come to life on paltsah8e624f3d8d.jpg



Each piece of the artist, working under the pseudonym m e r r y m e, consists of three separate rings. Individually - rings as rings, but if you put them together, they come to life. You can put them on different fingers in and out the whole scene: the protein with bushy tail nut chewing. And if the three rings come together, you get a bird or animal, hug your finger.



These tables are designed specifically for cat lovers. They are like cats, I love to explore a variety of holes and hiding places. Each product consists of four cubes that can be together, be used as tables or seats.

For this battle podushkamif023193f2a.jpg

The world would be a more peaceful place if we had often fought with pillows. Designer Brian Koo thinks so too. Especially for fans of pillow fights he invented soft scimitars, nunchaku, grenades and stuff like that.

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