Exhibition Robotics Robo Japan 2008 in Yokohama

In the Japanese city of Yokohama was an exhibition Robo Japan 2008, which presented the latest developments of Japanese scientists in the field of robotics. Total this year's Robo Japan 2008 was presented more than a hundred kinds of robots, including robot-spider, talking robot housewife Whakamaru, the robot suit helps older people to carry heavy things, miniature androids height of 3, 4 centimeters, and other exciting exciting electronic substance. Photos of some exhibits Robo Japan 2008, you can look under the cut.

Robot Asimo.

New company Badai «Net Tansor Web» can take pictures and enjoy a variety of blog service.

17-inch micro-robot climber Evolta.

Japanese comedian Eikou Kano demonstrates robot Chroino.


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