The cruel deception of childhood: 18 facts about how to actually name the characters of Disney cartoons

With the heroes of cartoons for most of us still associate childhood ... But that's the insidious censorship and imagination translators greatly distorted their real names. Perhaps it's for the better? .. DuckTales 1. Shrine. The first Disney show for many ... Now, Huey, Dewey, and Louie to check are Huey, Dewey and Lewis'.

2. Zigzag Mac Crack, air eagle in the form of a duck, was really MakKryakom, but his name in the original Launchpad McQuack. And how could adequately translate it? Launch pad Mc Quack?

3. Ponochka (that's really odd name!) originally appeared suspicious. And it is true, no it does not Ponochka and Webbigail «Webby» Vanderquack - Vebbigeyl "Webb" Vanderkryak. They say, webby - it's something like "with webbed feet».

4. Under the guise of felicitous Mrs. Klyuvdii hiding Mrs. Bentina Beakley - Bientina Bickley (derived from the beak - «beak»).

5. Inadequate inventor Vint Razboltaylo - does not even Gyro Gearloose, Gyro Dzhirlus.

6. We conclude Gavs brothers, so it is not accustomed to hide their true names. Overseas gang known as The Beagle Boys - a clear reference to the dog beagle.

Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers » 7. I think it was the second most important show of the time. For euphonious and neutral "rescuer" hidden «Rescue Rangers», that is to say the Rangers, and it already sounds a much more sinister!

8. Gadget, the sexiest mouse in the world, left in the hearts of many boys unhealed scars, officially called «Gadget Hackwrench». It is hard to imagine how it would sound in Russian ... Gizmo Vzlomoklyuch? ..

9. Well, Rocky? Humble - he is not Rocky and never have been. It is - drumroll - Monterey Jack! The reason is that the cheese varieties "Monterey Jack" was not in hearing our stores. But about cheese "Roquefort" everyone knew.

10. Whack - a Zipper, Zipper.

11. Cat Bellowfiz, the main antagonist of the series, was luckier - he was from Fat Fat Cat'a that you will agree, is not very disappointing.

"Miracles on bends» 12. Ball lucky, but we know Keith carminative, fun but responsible, air hooligan really was named Kit Cloudkicker, ie Keith ... ahem ... Oblakopinatel?

13. Balamut, flight engineer permanent "dive" and, concurrently, the mad inventor, was called in English a bit bland and a bit strange - Wildcat, Wild Cat.

"Darkwing Duck» 14. First of all, went to Jae-Paix. Darkwing Duck - that's his name in the original, however, it had been aware of the children who were the lucky owners of the 8-bit game console, and the same game. Adaptation been his trademark cry of "From the screw!". Authentic Jae-Paix declared: «Let's get dangerous!», Which can be translated as "Let's make dangerous!" Or something like that.

15. Gusёna quite nice, though possessed with devils, duck, English-speaking audience know how Gosalyn Mallard. Something like Goose Mallard.

16. Antiplasch, the main villain and enemy of this world, was originally sported the name Negaduck.

"Gummi Bears» 17. Here we are deceived in all. Warlock Gummi - zumm gamma Grumpy - Gruffi Gamma, Grandma - Grammy gamma Tolstun - Tummy Gummy, Sunny - Sunny Gamma, well, kid - Cubby Gummi.

18. Well, kawaii nedogoblin despicable. Originally it was Toadie, but there can be judged in two ways, either in fact Smoothie, suck-up, or any Zhaben. Anyway, not much comes out.



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