"I want to believe": 10 facts about the strange objects that scientists have found on Mars

Since then, the Americans launched the Mars Curiosity, ufologists are happy every day of his new discoveries. The site publishes all the strange things that could see in the pictures from the surface of the Red Planet. What if there really is something there? .. 1. Woman prizrak

As noted by Mashable, «silhouette looks so believable that for some it may be the epitome of the desire to find extraterrestrial life." The picture was added the fact that the "ghost" as if standing on a rock, demanding attention.

2. Yeti

Legendary discovery rover Spirit. The picture of 2008, which shows the silhouette as if wandering the red desert creatures. Due to the fact that his posture reminded of the famous scene where supposedly was captured Bigfoot, mysterious stranger nicknamed "Bigfoot Mars».

3. Temple inoplanetyan

Snapshot marskhoda Opportunity 2008, in which the layered rock recalled ufologists creation of human (or alien) hands. Hoaxer suggested that the frame was captured at the entrance to the ruined temple with a large monument, meet visitor. Nearby showed up and lost in the sand "Martian ship».

4. Derevya

Snapshot 2011, made space station Reconnassance Orbiter, for which there is a fairly simple scientific explanation. Firstly, if it were trees, judging by the pictures, they would have grown parallel to the surface of the planet. Secondly, these footprints in the sand - the result of the evaporation of frozen carbon dioxide.

5. Temple litso

Legendary photos, haunt the minds of people in the late seventies and early eighties. Then many have decided that a certain civilization on Mars, built a temple in the shape of a human face.

Later, NASA has dispelled this myth by publishing an image of this figure from a different angle.

6. Giant Smiley

In 1976, the Viking Orbiter spacecraft on Mars 1 found a giant "smiley face." In 1999, with sharper shots scientists managed to see it more closely. We are talking about the crater radius of 230 kilometers. The find was later used in the famous comic "Keepers».

7. Shar

In September 2014 Mars rover Curiosity has sent a picture perfect view on the world, lying on the surface of the planet. However, NASA quickly chastened ufologists: size of the "artifact" is about one centimeter in diameter, and it has turned out, most likely as a result of a geological process called nodules. During his around some small solid body forms a sort of snowball.

8. Little helmet, bone and Martian krysa

No, it just rocks.

9. Flash sveta

Snapshot Curiosity, made in April 2014, gave ufologists a reason to assume that the aliens accidentally given himself flash in the dark. However, NASA scientists Doug Ellison dispelled the myth, suggesting that this could be an impact of cosmic ray - a stream of charged particles.

10. Figure penisa

The only real artifact artificial origin on Mars - the traces left by chance Curiosity.

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