13 amazing facts about the ocean depths

Editorial in love with the world's oceans, because, although we are accustomed to its existence, in fact, people know about it less than on the same moon! We offer you a list of facts about the mysterious depths of the ocean ... 1. The Moon people have visited more than at the deepest point okeanaZnaesh how many people walked on the moon? 12! And how many people visited the Challenger Abyss, the deepest point of the Mariana Trench? Three and one of them was James Cameron.

2. The distance to the deepest point of the Earth more than EverestDno Abyss Challenger is eleven kilometers from the ocean surface. In other words, if Mount Everest could be placed into this depression to rise above the surface of the water, the highest point in the world would need to build a few more kilometers.

3. Most of the sea creatures are not known naukePoslednie assessment of researchers show that the ocean can accommodate 700,000 species, or even more. And now we have identified the best third of them.

4. Immortal meduzyMeduzy seems well settled in life. There are species that called Turritopsis dohrnii, it is one of the types of creatures that have gained full immortality. Although, of course, you can just kill the jellyfish, but if this "Benjamin Button" is not from the ocean predators will eat it, having reached adulthood, just beginning to return to an earlier stage of development, thus starting their lives anew. This process ensures jellyfish eternal life.

5. We know more about the surface of Mars and the Moon than on the day okeanaBlagodarya space missions, we learned a lot about the Red Planet. Now think about the following: maps of Mars and the Moon where carefully crafted than the map the ocean floor.

6. It is home to creatures that are almost inoplanetyanamiEst such microscopic monsters called tardigrades. They are described more in 1773. They live in water, not only at sea, but also fresh. They are interesting because their stamina is phenomenal. Tardigrades can live at a temperature of -193 degrees Celsius, they can withstand heat up to 100 degrees Celsius for one hour. They are not afraid of radiation. If the human lethal dose of radiation is 500 X-ray, the tardigrades not always kills 570 000 X-rays. Scientists have managed to make fun of them in the open space. They were placed for 10 days in space, and they seem to have withered, but the spacecraft tardigrades have returned to normal. They look, by the way, is quite ominous.

7. We have studied less than 5% of the area is okeanaI progress we have made over many centuries. Admittedly, there may be full of what we have not even guess.

8. Around 80% of all life on Earth is in okeanahDa, 80% chose a living creatures in the water as the house of the planet. Our knowledge of marine life is quite limited, incomplete and inaccurate. This is probably surprising to those who think that everything has long been studied and understood.

9. The ocean itself can be called zhivymMorskaya environment is essentially a giant processing plant in which all the matter in the system can be reused. It's a lot different from the animal's metabolism, which uses nutrients and gets rid of waste. But some of those who study the ocean, noticed that even the ocean needed additional external sources of nutrients. In other words, it is looking increasingly like one huge superorganism.

10. In the ocean a lot of strange Sound of hard to explain. Some cause nightmares among oceanographers. One such sound was recorded two hydrophones at a distance of about 4800 km apart in 1997. The sound was like the sound of marine animals, but its volume was so great that such an assumption would prove the presence of a giant ocean creatures, unknown to science. Listen and you zaguglit «Bloop».

By the way, the coordinates of the sound source are approximately 2,000 kilometers from the place that HP Lovecraft have underwater city of R'lyeh, where Cthulhu sleeps.

11. Ocean - the world's best muzeyZatonuvshie ships, ancient cities, lost planes ... Under the surface of the ocean, there are countless artifacts of human civilization for thousands of years that we have not understood and forgotten. Perhaps we still have much to learn about ourselves.

12. And this is the great human kladbischeKosmicheskaya program certainly had its share of negative and distress, but in terms of human life, the space has been very good to us. You can not say about the ocean, where his death have found millions of people, the whole city. It is obvious that we should watch out for extraterrestrial threats, such as meteorites, but we must not forget that the very close, and he had long wanted to kill us.

13. We left the okeanaNi no secret that life originated in water. The ocean is full of secrets, mysteries, mystery, but at the same time, it's our old house. Perhaps it's not so loud it sounds like what we came from outer space, or we have made of clay, but in our opinion, at least surprising.

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