Scientists told why cats prefer solitude

Cats are attached to the owners less than dogs because they do not think people with their advocates, scientists have found the University of Lincoln in the UK. The site tells podrobnosti.Chtoby understand why a cat walk by themselves, Alice Potter and Daniel Mills of the University of Lincoln in the UK studied the behavior of 20 adult domestic cats. They adapted animal test developed by psychologist Mary Ainsworth in 1970 to explore the affection of children aged from 1 to 1, 5 years of their mothers. For kids create a stressful situation, distancing from their mothers, and observed their behavior.

When cats were alone, they did not show signs of stress behavior and tried to find their owners. Previously, when an experiment was carried out on the children, and then to the dogs and they both have behaved quite differently, which demonstrated a high degree of attachment to their parents and the owners respectively. According to scientists, thus it appears the so-called secure attachment style, for example, when a child feels in danger without an adult and is relieved when it appears.

"Cats - one of the most popular pets. The owners are worried, leaving their homes for a long time, but in fact these animals easily tolerate separation. Our study showed that they do not associate their security to a person that can talk about their indifference to those who are constantly feeding them and caress ยป, - noted Professor Daniel Mills.

However, cats are indifferent to his people, as well as skillfully manipulated. So, before a group of British scientists has discovered that in addition to the usual purring cats emit so-called pleading purr, something similar to the crying child.

In addition, US researchers found that a cat's purr has wound-healing properties.



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