The length of the longest limousine in the world - 30, 5 meters

The longest limousine in the world was invented and designed by Jay Orbergom from Burbank, California. The singularity of the vehicle is its length, which is 30 and a half meters. With this car hit the Guinness Book of Records.

Limousine is a multifunctional vehicle with 26 wheels. It has a dual driver's cab, one in front and another behind, for convenient transportation of cars in both directions. Just imagine how much space you need for a reversal of this invention!

The car was created as exhibits, but the owner allows you to rent a limousine for a variety of activities and events. Naturally, the limousine is simply not technically fit for driving on the streets because of their excessive length, so it provided the movement with the help of specially trained drivers.

The most remarkable part of the limousine - a passenger compartment, dazzling abundance of modern and luxurious accessories and things. Jacuzzi Tub fits perfectly into the interior, along with a solarium, a swimming pool and a large bed. Also, the car is equipped with its own satellite dish.




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