5-7% of the population lives in Hong Kong "dog cells"

Hong Kong ranked as the richest city in China. However, the lives of tens of thousands of poor people is dull: there are many like rabbits, sleeping in cages measuring 180 by 60 centimeters.

The owners of apartment buildings are cashing in on the poor migrant workers from inland provinces of China, the poor, the elderly and other things descended Luda, who can not afford to pay for the expensive rent housing in the former British colony. Property owners have come up with to put in a room up to 20 metal cages, which rents this contingent. The most expensive cell costs about $ 200, the cheapest - about 130-150 dollars a month. Thus, one large room with 40-45 square meters of the landlord has a month to 3-4 thousand dollars in revenue.

Human rights activists for many years struggling with "dog cells", as they call such a hostel in Hong Kong, but so far without success. The most prominent organization is the SoCo - Society for Community Organization, which is trying to establish a targeted assistance and living conditions of the poor, to resettle them in a decent hostel and rooming house. According to them, the number of inhabitants of the "dog cells" in Hong Kong can reach up to 250-350 thousand people - about 5-7% of the resident population of the city.

Source: www.ttolk.ru

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