Skolkovo will be engaged in the production of lithium-air batteries

Company FM Lab, a resident of Skolkovo, is developing Li-air batteries, which will soon be called upon to replace the current Li-ion (Li-ion). Advantages of Li-air batteries are evident in the work of electric vehicles. They will store more energy with less weight and lower cost.

"The most advanced Li-ion batteries stored all 180-190 watt-hours per kilogram of body weight (1 kg of gasoline - about 10 kilowatt-hours). In addition, Li-ion battery that can store 1 kWh, worth more than 1000 dollars, "- says Daniel Itkis, scientific director of FM Lab.

Who prototypes Russian stockpile batteries about 1 kilowatt-hours per 1 kg of body weight, and by 2013 scientists from FM Lab plan to collect a sample that can store 10 kilowatt-hours per 1 kg.

Lithium batteries, as well as all the chemical current sources operate due to the redox reaction. The active oxidant and reductant, the better the battery. The use of lithium as the anode, it has the greatest potential electrode (-3 volts). Besides, lithium - the lightest metal, which reduces the weight of the battery. The cathode in Li-ion batteries is made of strong oxidants such as cobalt oxide.

The Li-air batteries will be used pure lithium, to avoid security problems, and the problem of uniform subsidence of lithium during charging will be solved through the use of new electrolytes, the most developed FM Lab.

One of the main difficulties lies in the combination of the air electrode with lithium - air contains moisture, which prevents the normal course of redox-reactions. So now we are actively working on the creation of a polymer-ceramic plates - highly conductive gas-tight solid electrolyte, which can be at least in the fold rolls without the threat of damage, "- said Itkis.

Li-air batteries is recycled oxygen into the atmosphere and do not emit harmful substances.

When using Li-air batteries in electric car meant blasting cathode flow of filtered air - under the hood is no longer a huge internal combustion engine, so that there is a place for vozduhofiltrov.


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